ComplexCon Long Beach Slots

ComplexCon Long Beach Slots

Effective Price : Regular price $0.99

Please limit one slot per order, unlimited orders allowed.

Q: Why does the slot cost $1? A: It doesn't, we simply want to verify that the card that you are using works and if your slot is unsuccessful the amount will drop within 3 - 5 business days :)

Q: What passes will you guys have for the event? A: We will have VIP passes which means that we will have priority access to all products, we have you covered!

Q: How do I know what is dropping and whether or not it will be profitable? A: You will need to go onto the ComplexCon social media account which we conveniently linked here for you to look at. There are many posts which show some of the products or collaborations that will be happening. If you are unable to find anything there then you should look at the marketplace list on the ComplexCon website which you can find here

If your question is still unanswered then please DM Doge The Doge#1411 on Discord

How this works:
Once slots are secured we will message you through Discord to further discuss what items you would like us to secure for you.

You will pay the item cost + shipping + the agreed fee

By securing these slots, you agree to pay the full agreed amount once a fee is agreed upon. 

All Domestic orders are subject to a minimum $10 Shipping Fee and Worldwide shipping will be charged $20 - $40 depending on location (Not including VAT or Customs).

Once payment has been received we will go ahead and ship your item. 

By purchasing you agree to our policy:
All sales are final, no refunds, returns, or exchanges